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16 Working Holiday Visa Jobs in New Zealand

New Zealand is growing and in high demand by immigrants and visitors, it offers a great opportunity specially for Working Holiday travellers where you will be able to find a job easier than in many other countries, lots of this jobs are from business recruiting only temporal workers with this visa, on the following list you will find information about the most popular jobs for Working Holiday Makers.

1. Face-to-Face Fundraising

Raising funds for charities is a job that always is open to recruit travellers, you will be able to work part time or full time, depending on your needs.
Pay rate is around 20$NZD

2. Construction

Specially in South Island the construction is in higher demand than North Island, on this category you will find many different jobs depending on experience.
Pay wage use to be around 25$NZD

3. Hostel Recepcionist

Some hostels are looking for travellers to work in the reception just few hours per day in exchange of accommodation, some other do that + a pay wage.
Its hard to state a pay rate as this will be something you will need to discuss with the Hostel who will employ you.

4. Live In Nany/Au pair

In New Zealand many families searching for a Nany they will ask as a must to live in their house, apart from taking care of the kids, driving them to the school, etc.. the job may include some additional tasks like cooking.
Pay wage could vary depending on the hours and tasks to work on, as you living in will be hard to determine, at least on this kind of job you should earn the minimum legal wage.

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5. Cleaner

Another job with relative high demand and well paid, experience use to be required but to work as a cleaner you can discuss your experience with the business that will employ you.
Some business pay depending on experience, but in general the pay wage is between 20$ to 25$NZD.

6. Hospitality

Working in a restaurant or coffee shop are jobs in good demand in New Zealand, you will be able to find a reasonable amount of job offers.
Pay wage from 17$ to 23$NZD.

7. Dairy Farm Worker

This is the star job with huge demand all around New Zealand, in a farm you will find many different tasks, picking fruit is the most popular one.
Picking fruit jobs are in different demand and location depending on the month of the year, same as different salaries, from 18$ to 25NZD + holiday pay, in many cases accomodation is included and some farms require to stay with them as a must.

8. Bycicle Rider

Thats right! Is not very commun on many countries by in New Zealand ride a bycicle and get paid is an option.
This job you can find it in Auckland city and is promoted by the company Bikeman, on their jobs listings they mention you can earn around 160-200$ per day.

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9. Front of House

On this job employers use to be bars that are looking for friendly stuff, ready to work under pressure and with a smile. We found many similar jobs and all of them have similar requeriments, with the add of no experienced needed.
Pay wage use to be around 17$NZD.

10. Devanners

On the manufacturing & logistics sector, the job is very popular specially on December due the Christmas time, however you may be able to find this position all around New Zealand, near main cities like Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.
Pay wage range from 17$ to 23$NZD.

11. Car Groomer

Almost every car dealership in New Zealand require a car groomer, specially in summer the demand is higher due the increase of sales.
A experience could be a requirement but most of the cases is not a problem.
Pay wage is from 17$ to 25$NZD.

12. Travel Agent

Call centers and other agencies require multi language speakers to attend customers, travellers coming to New Zealand that want to book a car, trip or just buy an activity by phone or at the office.
There are few different jobs in this industry, in many cases the languages required to speak very fluent are english + spanish, french, german or chinese.
Pay wage use to be from 18$ to 25$NZD.

13. Traffic Controler

Does not require experience, the job is in high demand specially on the main cities with lots of traffic and roads under construction.
The pay wage for this job is not that bad, around 23$NZD.

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14.  Packhouse Work

As a packer you will find your self packing fruits or vegetables all the time, many full time jobs as a packer are available around New Zealand.
Pay wage is from 18$ to 23$NZD.

15. Office / Administration work

As a temporary work many business are looking to employ people with Working Holiday Visa, the jobs most of the times are on the role of ”assistant” or ”receptionist”.
Pay wage use to be from 18$ to 25$NZD + holiday pay.

16. Kitchen Hand

Just helping the chef or washing dishes, work as a kitchen hand is a job that doesn’t require experience.
Pay wage is around 18$NZD.

BONUS: To finish the article we added some recruitment agencies where you can contact them if you are looking for a job, websites where you can find listing , a traveller experience video, and the comment section, if you have any question or you want us to update anything based on your experience, please let us know!

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