New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world with lush, rolling green hills, picturesque ocean views, and beaches and misty forests that allude to hidden treasures in its foliage. While many may think they know the true secrets of New Zealand’s beauty, we have decided to find a few of our own personal favorites and tell you a little more about what these spots have to offer.

1. The Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands isn’t exactly a hidden gem, but it is undoubtedly a destination worth exploring. With a wealth of natural beauty, a strong cultural heritage, and a true Kiwi attitude, this place is a must-see.

Cultural enthusiasts will love the Treaty of Waitangi Grounds and nature lovers will be spoiled for choice with innumerable isolated coves, beaches, and trails. Take a stroll through the towns of Paihia, Kerikeri, or Russel, go tramping in the nearby trails, or just bask in the beauty of the Bay of Islands.

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Full info with directions here: Bay of Islands – Travel Guide

2. Blue Lakes – Nelson Lakes National Park

The Blue Lake is the clearest lake in the world and its untouched beauty is one of its biggest attractions. With sacred Maori waters, gorgeous nature tracks leading up to the crystal-clear waters, and the added bonus of tackling a 2-day-long trek – this gem is well-hidden but well worth the effort and ideal for experienced and novice hikers, but make sure you come prepared.

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Full info, directions and alerts up to date: Lake Nelson – Official Website

3. Te Puia Springs – Kawhia

Similar to the famous North Island’s Hot Water Beach, Te Puia is a well-kept secret. These geothermal valleys offer you the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing ocean swim followed by a warm bath in a self-dug pool.

Not only do these springs offer warm water, but they are also surrounded by Maori cultural heritage sites. Tramp over the sandy dunes, enjoy the quiet beaches, and dig your own spa in the bubbling geothermal waters.

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More info & Bookings: TePuia Website

4. Putaruru Blue Spring – Putaruru – Te Waihou Walkway

Hidden at the end of the 5 km Te Waihou Walkway, you will find a spectacular spring that showcases a striking blue shade while being almost completely clear. The spring water is fed through from the Mamaku Plateau and takes approximately 100 years to filter through, making it the perfect source of more than 70% of New Zealand’s bottled water.

Bask in the beauty of the Te Waihou Walkway and take it all in when you reach this idyllic destination.

putaruru river

A source with more information: Putaruru – Wikipedia

5. Bridal Veils Falls – Raglan

Not all of New Zealand’s hidden gems require strenuous hikes, and this easy 10-minute walk through the lovely Raglan forest takes you to one of our favorite destinations – the Bridal Veil Falls. Its whimsical name is only enhanced by the beauty of this 55-meter waterfall with a pool at its end.

If you want to really enjoy all aspects of the Falls, then take a walk down the steps and allow yourself to be captivated by the view looking up.

top fall viewing

6. The Coromandel Peninsula

Considered as one of the North Island’s havens, the Coromandel is a place worth exploring. While many of the popular tracks can get quite busy, there are more than a few secret tracks that boast spectacular sights.

The blue seas and iconic rock archways can be reached along popular tracks, but it is easy to enjoy the area by finding a few quiet walkways, secluded beaches, and picturesque Kiwi towns.


More info & events:

7. Wainui Falls Track – Nelson / Tasman

It is located 20 km from the gorgeous village of Takaka, in the midst of a cool, native forest you will find a spectacular waterfall. This 3.4 km track includes a walk through lush farmland, cool green forests, a steep climb winding its way over and beside magnificent granite boulders, and across a thrill-seeking swing bridge.

At the end of the trail, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable sight of the thundering waterfall plunging into a frothing pool.

This list is only a teaser of the magnificent sights, scenery, and attractions that await you when arriving in Aotearoa. Whether you are a thrill-seeking, adrenalin-junkie, a well-traveled explorer or simply looking to enjoy a tranquil holiday in one of the world’s most beautiful countries, New Zealand has what it takes to get you outdoors and fall in love with everything in the country and its people have to offer.