Is it a bucket list if your bucket list doesn’t include activities to do in New Zealand? Of all the places that could ignite an active imagination, New Zealand is top on the list. As the home of Maori culture, exciting folklore, and attractions that quench your thirst for adventure, there’s a lot that New Zealand has to offer.

Here’s the ultimate 5-activity bucket list for the most popular activities you should do while in New Zealand:

1. Explore A Volcanic Island

New Zealand is an area that was rich in volcanic activity and bypassing a chance to explore some of the islands -some of which are uninhabited- is not acceptable.

Take, for example, Rangitoto Island. It’s the youngest volcano in the country, having erupted 600 years ago. Rangitoto is chock-full of birdlife that avid birdwatchers will be excited to discover.

One of the best ways of exploring the island is to take a guided kayak in the evening as you watch a breathtaking sunset from the summit.

island to visit

2. Sample Some Wine

New Zealand is a place of surprises, and most new visitors to the country wouldn’t imagine there’d be vineyards in the land of the Kiwis. Take a day trip to Waiheke Island from Auckland City and sample some of the country’s award-winning wines. The island is home to 30 vineyards that produce world-class wine.

If you’re looking to take a restful break, book a welcoming villa and sample wines of your choice at your convenience.

wine experience

3. Visit a Movie Scene at Hobbiton

One of the best backpacker tips you’ll get from locals to ensure your trip is as exciting as it should be is a visit to Hobbiton. New Zealand is home to one of the world’s most famous movie attractions. Lovers of the acclaimed movie series ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ visit Hobbiton for the first-hand experience of living like a Hobbit.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the films, Hobbiton is a magical place that’ll leave you appreciating the time and detail it took to be built. It truly is a fairy tale experience.

visit hobbiton

4. Experience the Maori Culture

You should not leave New Zealand before experiencing some of its oldest traditions and culture. Experience the real power of a Haka at the Tamaki Maori Village in Rotorua and have a taste of some delicious hangi if you’re a meat-lover. Granted, the Haka will change you, as it’s an experience that’ll leave you with plenty of unique memories.

5. Take a Peek at Wild Kiwi Birds

What’s the point of visiting the Land of the Kiwis if you leave without seeing an actual kiwi bird? Don’t just wait to see one in a local sanctuary or zoo, explore and find one in its natural habitat out in the wild. If you do see one, you’ll be fortunate because not many New Zealanders have seen a wild one.

If you are a wildlife lover we have created an article about wildlife in New Zealand, you can find it at the following link: Animals & Wildlife in New Zealand



There are many activities you can do in New Zealand. From beach hopping, spotting beautiful humpback whales, or exploring glow-worm caves, the country is rich in culture, and there’s an activity for every traveler.