7 Amazing Places to Take your Motorhome in Winter

places to travel by motorhome

Traveling in a motorhome is undeniably one of the best ways to explore New Zealand on winter days. If you are someone who disreshes crowds and yearns for a serene and cloistered adventure, then winter is the perfect weather for you. 

A lot of questions might be running through your mind, right? I know you might be feeling anxious as you start planning and researching for your outings. It’s hard to know what all the things you need and where to start looking. Nevertheless, take it easy! In this extensive guide, I have listed seven amazing places for you to travel in your motorhome. 

1. Queenstown

Queenstown is popular as the “Adventure Capital” of New Zealand. It is one of the most mind-blowing destinations in New Zealand. Surrounded by colossal mountains, and positioned on the edge of a lake, Queenstown is a hub of adventure, thrumming with excited energy and a divine sense of fun. It is well-known for its outdoor activities.

During winter, Queenstown is a popular base for skiers and snowboarders. Apart from this, it is a smorgasbord of other activities such as skydiving, bungy jumping, canyon swinging, jet boating, horse trekking, and river rafting throughout the whole year.

winter in queenstown

2. The Banks Peninsula

The Banks Peninsula is one of New Zealand’s most peculiar landscapes. It is nature’s playground right on Christchurch’s doorstep, for the reason that is among the unending hills, hidden bushes, and bays.

The ride over to the Akaroa is not meant for the faint-hearted, as it is blustery and lofty. But, as you reach the peak of the road, the plunge towards the harbor is magnificent, as you can view the various bays of the Akaroa harbor and the farmland. 

banks peninsula

3. Peter’s Lookout

Peter’s Lookout on the road to Mount Cook has one of the most pleasing views in New Zealand. From this viewpoint, Mt Cook Road gently makes its way underneath the Ben Ohau Range, just beside the turquoise-colored Lake Pukakai.

On a clear day, views from the lookout and the road reach far out to the incredible Aoraki (Mount Cook). Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is the home of the highest mountains and the longest glaciers. It is soaring in the purest sense – with skyscraping peaks, glaciers, and permanent snowfields, all set under a star-studded sky. 

peters lookout

4. Bennett’s Bluff

Bennet’s Bluff is a prominent lookout spot. It is situated on the side of the Queenstown – Glenorchy Road at Mt Creighton. It is among the ones that are very easy to pull over, and you can relish the views even when driving a big motorhome.

There you’ll find a small lay-by where you can park and take in the magnificent views of the Humboldt Ranges, Mt Earnslaw, and the top end of Lake Wakatipu. The views in both directions down Lake Wakatipu are simply jaw-dropping. If you can plan your visit early or maybe late in the day, you might even have this spot with its stunning light all to yourself. 

bennetts bluffs

5. Christchurch

The regions of Christchurch and Canterbury are located against the glorious scenes of both mountains and oceans. Canterbury is an area of outstanding contrasts and a heaven for those seeking astounding scenery and adventure. From lavish vineyards and wild coastlines to sky-piercing mountains and flawless glacial lakes, this place is worth visiting.

Tekapo Springs in Christchurch is a must-visit for adrenaline junkies of all ages. For a more sober activity, you can relax in the natural hot pools of the Southern Alps along with dazzling views. 

Kaikoura is one of the best places in the country for whale watching and is an ultimate haven for animal lovers. Their migration period comes in June and July, so you’re more likely to catch a glimpse of a humpback or blue whale. There’s also a seal colony at Kaikoura Peninsula, just south of the town. 

6. Rotorua

Rotorua is well-known for its geothermal activities and fascinating Maori lifestyle. This city is also known as the geothermal wonderland. Along with this, it is also known for its bubbling and hot mud pools, shooting geysers, and natural hot springs perfect for unwinding and bathing. From captivating forests and crystal-clear streams to huge biking trails, and explosive geysers, Rotorua has it all.

This beautiful city serves a lot of attractions and experiences for both adventure-seekers, and the ones chasing to be at leisure. 


7. Ruapehu

Ruapehu is situated on the central plateau of New Zealand’s North Island. It is renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed for its geographical and cultural significance. Ruapehu’s neighboring countryside and 2 national parks provide a pleasing backdrop to premium outdoor destinations.

Tongariro National Park is a volcanic wonderland of steaming craters, surreal lakes, and unusual rock forms, encompassed by alpine gardens. Mt Ruapehu is its heart–the North Island’s highest peak – that sits adjacent to the smaller but no less remarkable pyramids of Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Tongariro.

In winter, Mt Ruapehu’s snowy sides revamp into one of the best skiing areas. To the west is an unruffled and remote park named Whanganui National Park, which is rich in natural and human history. Canoe journeys and jet boat trips on the Whanganui River take visitors deep into its folds, revealing mysteries and marvels such as the lonely Bridge to Nowhere. 

Now that you know the amazing places to take your motorhome, check out these travel tips for a safer journey. 


Travel tips for your next winter trip

New Zealand is an all-year-round travel destination

Majority of the New Zealand’s locations, attractions, and activities are open throughout the year. So, if you are planning for your winter trip, you don’t need to book in advance. You can still enjoy many popular activities, with the bonus of fewer crowds. 

The Winter season is the perfect time for skiing in New Zealand

New Zealand is a world-class destination for skiing. In winter, the ski fields are wrapped in a thick blanket of powdery snow starting from June to September. For some exciting snow sports actions, you can head to Ruapehu, Canterbury, Queenstown, or Lake Wanaka, but make sure that you book your accommodations, ski passes, and gear hires before your trip. 

Drive safely

In winter, road conditions can be risky due to the snow and black ice, especially on the South Island. If you are planning for a winter trip, make sure you drive safely. 

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