Backpacker Van Rentals in New Zealand

Backpacker van rentals in New Zealand

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🚐 The Ultimate Guide to Backpacker Van Rentals in New Zealand

When renting a backpacker van in New Zealand, you should research and book with enough time in advance, making sure you get the best possible deal with a reputable company.


By not booking in advance, you run the risk of having a bad experience or, worse, not being able to find a campervan upon arrival.


This is especially true during the high season, when demand is at its peak and available cars for rent are scarce.


It’s important to be cautious and plan ahead to avoid such situations. 


This guide will touch on all the points you need to consider before renting a backpacker van. You will also find numerous rental options and the best deals for your ideal dates.

1. Why Choose a Backpacker Van?

The purpose of renting a backpacker van is to give you the freedom to sleep at places you won’t be able to do with an average car.


Plus, you will save money in hostels or hotels while travelling.

2. Where to Hire a Backpacker Van?

Maximize every penny by comparing backpacker vans for rent; no matter where you land in New Zealand.


🎯 The TCNZ search tool will compare the best deals in your favourite pick-up destination!

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3. Types of Backpacker Vans

A backpacker van could come in different sizes. Usually, the car is a converted people mover with a bed and kitchen at the back.


Sometimes, it could be simply with seats that convert into a double bed or a vehicle with a tent on the roof where you can sleep.

3.1. Campervans (Basic Conversion & Non Self-Contained)

This type of backpacker van can or may not have a table inside, usually with a small kitchen unit at the back.


Usually, these vehicles are the cheapest ones available for rent and tend to be old (between 1996-2005).


You can find them for as cheap as 19$NZD per day during the low season and between 50-80$NZD during the high season, but this is always subject to the duration of your booking, the dates and when you book it.

3.2. Campervans (Basic Conversion with Table Set Up & Self-Contained)

These cars tend to be bigger than the previous non-self-contained backpacker vans.


There is often an internal kitchen (at the front), a bigger table set up, and multiple storage.


Ideal for up to 3 people, they can be found with the self-contained certificate, but it can sometimes not.


They can be found for around 100$NZD per day; as stated previously, prices may vary depending on different factors. 

3.3. Other Types of Backpacker Cars

They can be smaller, like a station wagon or a campervan with extras like a roof tent.


There are also high-roof backpacker vans available in the market, but they are often hard to get at a budget price; therefore, they get booked pretty quickly.

Campervan with roof tent

4. Top Rental Companies in New Zealand

Few companies in New Zealand are above the rest when looking for a backpacker van for rent.


Regarding customer service, the number of branches in different locations, the quality of the cars and competitive prices, we can highlight Jucy Rentals and Spaceships Campervans.


🔍 If you want more information about this company or any others in the ”more luxury” side, we have compiled the following guide: The Best Campervan Companies in New Zealand

Jucy rentals

5. Bottom Line & Useful Resources

Renting a backpacker van in New Zealand doesn’t have to be a stressful task; that’s the reason we have created this guide.


Suppose you still need more information about backpacker van rentals, or maybe you’re considering buying a campervan instead.


In that case, we leave here some useful links related to renting or buying a backpacker car or van. 

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