Buy back option

  • How the ”buy back option” works?
    Travel Cars NZ LTD. offers in every single sale the buy back option, as the same name mentions there is no obligation to resell it back to us, is just optional and we give that to you when you purchase one of our cars or campervan. Buy back option is totally free and specially good for campervans as the year is divided in 2 season, the high one September to January and the off season (February-August), campervans are quite hard to sell in the off season and have this option by a reputable business can save you hundress of dollars if we compare that with any other dealer offer. Small cars and station wagons can reach a normal price during all the year, we buy back them aswell but 80% of our customers get them sold by their self.
  • How much I can get with the buy back option?
    The price range is between 30% to 50%, the price will be estimate on site after you finish your trip or you decide to sell it.
  • How hard is to reach this price back?
    Simple and easy In Travel Cars NZ we mark a big difference against our competency, we dont look after the km’s you drove in your trip, we dont look after WOF or Registration expiration, we dont reduce the price if you didnt service the car in the last year and we are flexible if there is minor faults in the car.
  • Why I can get less than 30% on my sale?
    That could happen, we will look after your car or campervan and we expect receive it same as we sold it, that means no accidents on the body, no major problems mechanically and a right condition on the tyres.
  • Where can I sell my car back?
    Only in Auckland where we are located
  • I want to sell it in South Island, in what Travel Cars NZ can help me?
    Our yard its only in Auckland but we have a online service for our customers and non customers, that means we can list it for you online at our website, facebook page, our own backpacker facebook groups and other websites under request. If you been one of your customers we can also offer you other quick sale options depending on your needs and location.
  • If im not a Travel Cars NZ customer, can I sell my car & campervan there?
    Yes you can sell it to us but, the expected price you will get will be lower than what we offer to our customers (around 20%), this reason is because we work hard in all our cars and we are happy to receive them back, at the other side we try also to give a good back price to our customers who trust in us for their first experience & adventure in New Zealand.