Car Rentals in Napier

🔍 Renting a car in Napier offers you the freedom to explore whenever you desire. Cruise to beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and exciting destinations at your own pace.

🥇 What to Do with a Rental Car in Napier?

Our top four things to do in Napier include:


1⃣ Art Deco Tour: Explore Napier’s renowned Art Deco architecture with a self-guided driving tour. 


2⃣ Wine Tasting in Hawke’s Bay: Take a scenic drive to the nearby Hawke’s Bay wine region, known for its award-winning wineries and picturesque vineyards. 


3⃣ Te Mata Peak: Drive to Te Mata Peak for panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The scenic drive up the peak offers breathtaking vistas of Hawke’s Bay.


4⃣ Cape Kidnappers Gannet Colony: Take a guided tour or hike to the colony to observe these majestic seabirds in their natural habitat.

Car rentals in Napier

🗾 Why Napier?

Here are some simple scenic drives you can enjoy with a rental car in Napier:

  • Gentle Annie Drive: Take a relaxing drive along Gentle Annie Road, winding through the pretty countryside and offering stunning views of hills and farms. Stop at lookout spots to take pictures of Hawke’s Bay’s beauty.
  • Tukituki Valley Loop: Go on a circular drive through Tukituki Valley, passing vineyards, small towns, and the Tukituki River. Enjoy the peaceful countryside and look at the beautiful landscapes all around.
  • Bluff Hill Lookout Drive: Drive up Bluff Hill for panoramic views of Napier and the bay. The road winds through trees and bushes, and you can stop at the lookout to see the stunning scenery.
  • Puketitiri Loop: Take a scenic drive to Puketitiri, winding through forests and farmland. Enjoy the peacefulness of the countryside and see the green hills and fields along the way.

✈ Looking to Hire a Car at Napier Airport?

At Napier Airport, you’ll find multiple companies offering car rental services.


They provide a range of vehicles, including small cars and large SUVs.

  • For further details on renting a car at Napier Airport, click the link below.

🧑‍💻 FAQs about Renting a Car in Napier

Absolutely! Napier is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes and attractions that are perfect for day trips. For a scenic adventure, you can drive to places like Cape Kidnappers, Te Mata Peak, or the nearby wineries of Hawke’s Bay. Rental cars allow you to explore these destinations at your own pace.

Many rental car companies in Napier offer child safety seats and accessories like GPS navigation systems or roof racks for added convenience. Be sure to request these items when booking your rental car to ensure availability and your family’s safety during your travels.

While Napier may offer limited off-road driving opportunities, nearby regions like Hawke’s Bay and the Ruahine Ranges provide options for adventurous driving. You can explore rugged terrain, forest trails, and river crossings with suitable rental vehicles equipped for off-road adventures. Be sure to check with rental companies about their policies on off-road driving and any additional requirements or fees.

Yes, many rental car companies in Napier offer flexible rental options, including long-term rentals for extended stays. Whether you need a car for a week-long holiday or a month-long region exploration, rental companies can accommodate your needs. Be sure to inquire about long-term rental rates and any discounts for extended bookings.

When driving in Napier and New Zealand, it’s important to drive on the left side of the road and adhere to local speed limits. Be cautious of narrow and winding roads, especially in rural areas, and be aware of wildlife, cyclists, and pedestrians on the streets. Familiarize yourself with road signs and rules before setting out on your journey.

If you encounter any issues or concerns with the rental car during your trip to Napier, such as mechanical problems or damage, contact the rental car company immediately for assistance. They will guide how to proceed, including arranging repairs, providing a replacement vehicle, or resolving liability disputes.

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