Car Rentals in Picton

🔍 Renting a car in Rotorua means freedom to explore. Drive to lakes, geothermal sites, and cultural spots at your own pace.

🥇 What to Do with a Rental Car in Picton?

Here are the top four experiences to enjoy with a rental car in Picton:


1⃣ Discover Marlborough Sounds: Take your rental car for a ride along the beautiful coastline of Marlborough Sounds. Stop at pretty spots to enjoy the view, visit cute towns like Havelock, and try out fun activities like kayaking.


2⃣ Wine Tasting: Picton is close to Marlborough, famous for its yummy wine. Use your rental car to visit wineries, taste delicious wines, and see the vineyards.


3⃣ Scenic Drive on Queen Charlotte Drive: Go for a relaxing drive on Queen Charlotte Drive. It goes from Picton to Havelock and offers impressive views of Marlborough Sounds. You can stop for a picnic, short walks, and maybe even see some incredible animals.


4⃣ Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary: Hop in your car and head to Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s not far from Picton and is a safe place for native birds. You can walk around, see the birds, and enjoy the nature trails.

Car rentals in Picton

🗾 Why Picton?

Renting a car makes exploring Picton a breeze:

  • Easy Travel: Renting a car in Picton makes it simple to get around. You can go where you want, when you want, without waiting for buses or paying for taxis.
  • Discover Hidden Spots: With your own car, you can find hidden gems off the beaten path. Explore quiet beaches, scenic viewpoints, and charming towns that most tourists miss.
  • Convenient Exploring: Having a car means you can explore at your own pace. You don’t have to rush or worry about sticking to someone else’s schedule.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Renting a car lets you easily access outdoor activities like hiking trails, scenic drives, and wildlife spotting. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Picton and its surroundings without any hassle.

🧑‍💻 FAQs about Renting a Car in Picton

You can rent a car on the Interislander ferry between Picton and Wellington. The ferry has vehicle decks to accommodate cars, vans, and other vehicles. If you plan to take a car on the ferry, it’s essential to notify the ferry and rental car companies in advance.

While there may not be specific requirements for taking a rental car on the ferry, additional fees may be associated with transporting the vehicle. It’s essential to check with the rental car company and the ferry operator for any applicable fees or restrictions.

Some travel agencies or booking platforms may offer package deals, including rental cars and ferry tickets between Picton and Wellington. These package deals can provide convenience and potentially save you money compared to booking each component separately.

Some rental car companies may offer discounts or promotions for travelers arriving or departing by ferry in Picton. It’s worth checking with rental car companies directly or searching for special offers that may be available for ferry travelers.

It’s recommended to book your rental car in Picton as far in advance as possible, especially during peak travel seasons or when arriving via ferry. Booking early ensures you have the widest selection of vehicles and can secure the best rates.

Many rental car companies in Picton offer one-way rental options, allowing you to pick up a car in Picton and drop it off at a different location, such as another city or airport. However, one-way rentals may incur additional fees, so you must inquire about any associated costs when making your reservation.

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