Free Activities for Backpackers in New Zealand

Free activities for backpackers

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🎒 Introduction to Free Activities for Backpackers

New Zealand is a country known for its stunning, beautiful scenery, and with it come various activities bound to keep you outside doing extraordinary things.

Backpacking is a popular way to get around New Zealand on a budget and meet the locals while interacting with their culture and sampling some local food.

Whether taking a gap year from school or finding a way to reconnect with nature, you’ll love backpacking.

However, there’s the risk of spending much more than your budget if you’re backpacking through New Zealand. 

Therefore, knowing some tricks and tips to travel on a budget is vital. Here’s a list of free activities you can do while backpacking in NZ.

1. Watch the Ocean’s Rango at Cape Reinga

Not many travel destinations will allow you to witness the battle of two oceans. At 165 meters above sea level, a beautiful lookout point at Cape Reinga offers you a heavenly view of the northern area of New Zealand.

What’s more, you’re bound to enjoy seeing the dolphins swimming playfully.

🚙 Cape Reinga is 5 hours and 40 minutes from Auckland Central and 2 hours 45 minutes from Paihia in the Bay of Islands.

oceans rango

2. Dive With the Fish at Goat Island

The waters surrounding Goat Island are full of breathtaking marine life.

Okakari Point Marine Reserve in Auckland is situated on a beautiful coastline that’s chock-full of sea life. Remember to carry your snorkel and mask for the dive.

🚙 The drive from Auckland Central to Goat Island will take you 1 hour and 10 minutes.

goat island

3. Bathe All Year Round at Kerosene Creek

You will find Kerosene Creek 35 km south of Rotorua. Bathe, relax, and enjoy the freshwater stream whenever you want.

You can also visit Te Wairoa and explore the Buried Village or hike along the Whakarewarewa Forest Trails.

🚙 The journey is 5 hours and 45 minutes from Wellington Central, 4 hours and 30 minutes from Auckland Central.

kerosene creek

4. Take a Ride On The Rere Rock Slide

The Rere Rock Slide is the first rock slide in New Zealand. You will find it right outside Gisborne, an iconic surf town.

It is a stunning water park carved over thousands of years where you and your friends can break from backpacking and have some fun.

After the ride, catch the wine trail or sample the rich Maori culture and heritage. Rere Rockslide is only an hour and a half from Rotorua.

rock slide

5. Challenge Yourself On a One-Day Hike to an Active Volcano

If you’d like to discover what you’re made of, gather some friends and hike together through Tongariro National Park via the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

The Tongariro National Park is a World Heritage site, so don’t forget your camera to capture memories of the beautiful scenery.

There’s an active crater to feast your eyes on, steam vents, and lava flows. Enjoy the breathtaking views of colored lakes that will make your hike enjoyable.

tongariro alpine crossing

6. Enjoy The West Coast of Auckland

Explore the West Coast of Auckland and enjoy the incredible black-sand beaches and picturesque waterfalls.

Take a walk to Piha Beach and climb up Lion Rock. Or, you could head to Muriwai and visit the massive gannet colony.

🚙 Auckland’s West Coast is only 50 minutes from the city, but you will enjoy the welcome change of scenery among the caves, streams, and cliffs.

west coast

7. Speak to The Stars in Canterbury

You will enjoy experiences that sleeping under the stars on a warm, starry night can’t beat. Here, you will discover wondrous night skies that are both clear yet dark.

After stargazing, hang around for a while and enjoy invigorating mountain walks.

🚙 Canterbury is 3 hours away from Queenstown and 4 hours from Christchurch.

stars in the sky

8. Mediate at The Blue Pools of Wanaka

The Blue Pools of Wanaka are, without a doubt, one of the bluest in the world. The region has a lot to see, including rainbow and brown trout migrating in the clear pools.

If you have the gear for it, you can kayak, ski, or snowboard at the numerous designated spots.

🚙 The Blue Pools are 50 minutes from Wanaka Township and 2 hours from Queenstown.

blue pools

9. Chase The Waterfalls at Fiordland

The name Fiordland comes from various waterfalls, dropping numerous meters into the massive fiords.

You can enjoy the famous mesmerizing scenery and take a walk through the Milford and Doubtful Sounds.

There are many sights to enjoy that will leave you utterly mesmerized and pleasantly surprised.

fiordland waterfalls


If you’re backpacking through New Zealand on a budget, you can take numerous affordable accommodations after enjoying the free activities.

All you need to do is keep your mind open to suggestions from the locals and advice from fellow backpackers.

Who knows, you may meet a future travel buddy for your next trip.

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 Safe Travels!

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