Luis Domenech

Welcome to my profile! I’m Luis Domenech, and I’m passionate about sharing my travel stories across New Zealand through my blogs.


My goal is to connect with as many travelers as possible, providing them with valuable information and tips to make their New Zealand adventures memorable.


At Travel Cars NZ, you’ll not only discover the ultimate platform for buying, selling, or renting a campervan but also have the chance to connect with a vibrant community through our social groups.

Professional Experience

  • 2010–2012: SEO / SEM Freelancer
  • 2012–2014: Founder at Egloby International
  • 2013 to present: Founder & CEO at Travel Cars New Zealand
  • 2023 to present: Founder & CEO at Kiwilanders New Zealand

Press & Media

  • Stuff New Zealand
  • Cadena Ser Radio
  • Vents Magazine
  • Kncyx Travel
  • Hiboox
  • Daves Travel Corner
  • 2 Orillas Magazine
  • Outdoor Project
  • Free Walks New Zealand
  • The Frisky Magazine
  • Luxury Travel Magazine

(and more)

The Travel Cars NZ Network

  • Travel Cars NZ transcends mere transactions of buying, selling, and renting campervans and various other vehicles across New Zealand.
  • Since our inception in 2012, we have diligently cultivated an expansive social media network tailored to backpackers and tourists, boasting over 300,000 members and continuing to expand daily.
  • Our platform provides a secure haven for newcomers to New Zealand, particularly those on short-term visits, facilitated by a team of over 20 dedicated moderators.
  • These groups foster a collaborative environment where travelers can access invaluable support and guidance from both local residents and seasoned experts across various tourism sectors.

How to Contact Me

For collaborations of any type you can follow and message me directly in any of the following social media platforms:

  • Email: luisdomenech@travelcarsnz.com
  • Instagram: @ldomenechg
  • Linkedin: Luis Domenech Garcia
  • Facebook: Luis Domenech Garcia
Travel Cars NZ is a platform where private sellers and car dealers can list their campervans, backpacker cars, vans, wagons and other types of cars for sale all around New Zealand. General and useful information about converted vans and small campervans for sale is available at the TCNZ blog.