Cars & Campervans – Mechanical Warranty

Travel Cars NZ offers only to their customers a Breakdown Mechanical Warranty for the total period of 12 months, if you are going to travel New Zealand and you want to do it in a safe way, definitely its an option you should take.

How Much Cost a Mechanical Warranty for Your Vehicle

Japanese Petrol Vehicles

12 months: 350$NZD
Cover limit per claim: 2000$
Optional Premium cover: 95$NZD

European and Turbo Charged Vehicles

12 months: 495$NZD
Cover limit per claim: 2000$
Optional Premium cover: 95$NZD

Diesel Vehicles

12 months: 525$NZD
Cover limit per claim: 2000$
Optional Premium cover: 95$NZD

All offered warranties can be complemented with the “Component Premium Cover“, this service for 95$NZD extra will gie cover many more components from your car and includes “Roadside Assistance“.

Cars not Elegible to Get a Mechanical Warranty

All vehicles with over 20 years age or with over 500,000km.

However, Travel Cars NZ offers 30 days free mechanical warranty in all cars, station wagons and campervans.

On Road Assistance: Essential in Your Adventure

The Roadside Assistance benefit provides you with a maximum of three call outs per year to a maximum value of 100,000$. You and any person named on the policy certificate can receive assistance in any of the following situations:

FREE Flat Battery/Jump Start

If a battery replacement is required, this can be done in conjuction with your nearest Authorised Repairer network.

FREE Lost/Locked keys

Unlock the vehicle or if appropriate transport the vehicle to the nearest place of repair.

FREE Flat Tyre Assistance

Assitance with changing a spare tyre, inflation and/or transportation of the vehicle to the nearest repairer.

FREE Out of Fuel

Delivery of 5 Litres of petrol free of charge.

FREE Towing (excluding accident)

If the vehicle cannot be mobilised or accessed at the roadside (public road only) Roadside Assistance will arrange for the vehicle to be transported to the nearest repairer or place of secure storage.

Storage costs will be the responsibility of the caller.

If at the time of the breakdown the vehicle was towing a trailer or sidecar, this will be transported to the nearest place of safety.

FREE Accident, Theft, Vandalism

If the owner’s vehicle has been immobilised due to an accident, theft or vandalism, Roadside Assistance will provide advice to the owner. Roadside Assistance can arrange accomodation, taxi, rentals, etc at the owner’s expense.

FREE Operator Assistance

In the event of a breakdown, accident or medical emergency the operator can relay urgent messages to family, friends or business associates.

FREE Travel Direction

Should you become lost or require travel directions the opreator can provide help and assitance on how to reach you planned destination.

For full information about this Mechanical Warranty & Roadside Assitance you can read/download the following PDF: CoverPlus Policy

Note: We provide this service under request and on site at the same time you are purchasing a car or campervan from us, we do not provide this service to non customers or after you used our free mechanical warranty for 30 days.

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