Depending on where you sell your car in New Zealand, you will find different markets, dealerships, or other quick-sale options. For example, selling your campervan in Auckland is different from selling it in Queenstown. While Auckland is the busiest city in New Zealand, and hence easier to sell, you will find other places much more difficult to sell.

In the following post, we give you different options and tips for selling your campervan.

Where Can I Sell my Campervan in Auckland?

groups to sell

The best options for selling a backpacker car in Auckland is by trying all the different Facebook groups.

There are many free ones where all the members are tourists. At Travel Cars, we have a big network of Facebook Groups only made for backpackers. You can find them here – TCNZ – Facebook Group List.


In case you are leaving New Zealand soon, and you need to sell fast, then you can contact us for a quote. At Travel Cars, we buy cars throughout the year.

How does the process work?

First, we will need photos and details of your car. You can send them by email to or via Whatsapp +64 22 177 40 90

After that, we will give you a price range. If you are happy with it, then we can arrange a viewing to check your car and give you a final price. Please note that an appointment is necessary, so we won’t be able to attend to you if you make an impromptu visit.

Where Can I Sell my Campervan in Wellington?

Wellington is not the best city for selling or even buying a campervan, but it is not an impossible mission.

Your best option here will be using the free platform Backpackerboard – Wellington or Facebook groups made for backpackers, there is no campervan businesses in this city offering the buy and sell service.

Where Can I Sell my Campervan in Christchurch?

Christchurch is the second-best city for selling and also buying a campervan. The market is active as it has a small international airport.

If you couldn’t find a private buyer for your vehicle, you can sell it to a dealer. One of the experienced dealers in this market is Chester Backpackers. You can find their website here: Chester Campervans Christchurch

Note: The car market in Christchurch doesn’t exist anymore (at the time of writing in February 2020)

Selling Your Campervan in Small Cities / Towns

If you are in a small city or town, then you have a big challenge ahead. During the high season, you can find buyers all around New Zealand. But if you don’t, then the best option will be to run a $1 Reserve Auction on TradeMe.

Selling your car this way guarantees you a sale. You won’t target backpackers looking for a car; instead, many locals will see your car for sale and bid until the last minute. 

For example, if you have a cheap car for sale that is worth under $2000, there are cases where people from remote towns end up selling such a car for $50. But if you run an auction, you can find a buyer who will buy the car hassle-free. Usually, auctions end up with sales of over 500$.

You can register or list your car here: Trademe Car Auctions


Tips to Increase the Chances of Selling Your Campervan

At Travel Cars, we prepared a list of things you should take care of before listing your car and when you are meeting someone for negotiation.

  1. Fully clean it. This is a simple but important tip. Many people sell their cars without cleaning them and putting all the stuff in order, which can make it hard to sell. Also, avoid listing the car with food inside as it will smell.
  2. Make nice pictures of your car. That means from all angles, interior panels, seats, tires, and so on.
  3. Sell it with new or long WOF. Probably only dealers will buy a car with short or no WOF at all. That will decrease the price of your campervan.
  4. Keep the registration up to date. It’s not the most important thing, but some buyers will prefer to buy a car with current registration. It doesn’t give a good impression if your car has a registration that expired two months ago.
  5. Post it for sale everywhere. This means posting on any website or Facebook group where you can find potential buyers. If you do it during specific times, you will also increase the chances of selling it. (Such times include between 9 am and 10: 30 am and between 7 pm and 9 pm).

If you found this post helpful, please leave a comment below. We will respond to any questions you may have.

Thank you and best of luck selling your campervan!