Toll Roads in New Zealand

Toll roads in New Zealand

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Tolls are a pain at the best times, but as a backpacker exploring uncharted territories, they become even more of a nuisance. So, we have compiled an article that tells you all you need to know about the toll roads in New Zealand.

These toll roads are automatically charged according to your registration/license plate details, so you can either prepay your account or pay for your tolls after traveling. But beware, late charges do apply.

🛣 New Zealand has 3 toll roads, all located in the North Island.

1. The Northern Gateway Toll Road

This toll road serves as a vital extension of State Highway One, seamlessly connecting North Shore’s Orewa to the treasures of the North Island’s far North. Its unique feature? It travels both North and South, accommodating diverse destinations depending on your journey.

Concluding just before Johnstone Hills in Puhoi, this route trims approximately 10 minutes off your travel time, complemented by alternate routes in excellent condition.

If your exploration plans include the enchanting Northland – Whangarei, the picturesque Bay of Islands, and the iconic Cape Reinga (and we strongly recommend you explore these gems), this toll road is a convenient option. The toll fees, listed below, are reasonably priced:

  • Cars, Light Vehicles & Motorcycles: $2.30
  • Heavy Vehicles, Large Campervans & Trucks Over 3 Tons: $4.70

Fear not, as alternate routes are well-signed, affording you ample time to plan your journey and monitor your toll expenses closely. Choose the path that best suits your adventure and enjoy the scenic beauty of the North Island hassle-free.

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2. The Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road

The Tauranga Eastern Link offers a versatile route, allowing travelers to head North towards Mount Maunganui and Tauranga, South for a visit to Rotorua, and East to explore New Zealand’s East Cape. While this route provides a direct path, an exceptional alternative awaits.

The Te Puke Highway/State Highway Two is a cost-free option that invites extra scenic exploration through the charming town of Te Puke.

Te Puke is particularly appealing to backpackers, boasting a few quintessential Kiwi icons, including the impressive Kiwifruit statue.

Consider the toll fees for the Tauranga Eastern Link:

  • Cars, Light Vehicles & Motorcycles: $2.00
  • Heavy Vehicles, Large Campervans & Trucks over 3 Tons: $5.00

Whether you opt for the direct path or the more scenic route through Te Puke, both options promise unique experiences and access to the beauty of New Zealand’s landscapes.

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3. Takitimu Drive Toll Road

This less-traveled route presents an exceptional alternative for bypassing Tauranga’s city traffic, connecting State Highway 29 to State Highway 2 and providing a complete detour around Tauranga’s City Centre.

For those yearning to escape urban congestion, the modest fee for this route proves to be a worthwhile investment.

Alternatively, if you’re adhering to a budget and prefer to avoid toll roads, explore alternative routes via Cameron Rd and Moffat Rd to the East of Takitimu.

Toll fees for the direct route are as follows:

  • Cars, Light Vehicles & Motor Vehicles: $1.80
  • Heavy Vehicles, Large Campervans & Trucks Over 3 Tons: $4.80

Whether you choose the toll route or opt for the alternatives, each path offers a unique travel experience tailored to your preferences.

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Paying for Your Tolls

As previously mentioned, the toll system operates seamlessly without the need for manual transactions at toll booths. While this enhances the convenience of travel, it’s essential to manage toll payments effectively. Here are three methods to settle your tolls:

  • Prepaid Option: Streamline your journey by planning in advance. Pay your toll fees online, at a service station, or over the phone up to 180 days before your scheduled travel date.
  • Within 3 Days After Your Trip: Capitalize on the immediacy of your travel experience. Paying your tolls promptly within this time frame helps avoid additional administrative costs.
  • Upon Notice: In case payment is not made within 3 days post-travel, the New Zealand Transport Agency will issue an official bill or payment notice. However, it’s advised to settle your tolls before receiving this notice to avoid incurring additional administrative fees.

How to Pay

New Zealand seamlessly integrates modern online payment and electronic billing systems, providing three convenient methods to settle your tolls:

  • Online Payment: The most straightforward option is to log onto the NZTA website. By entering your license plate details, all pertinent information will be displayed, allowing you to choose from various payment options.
  • NZTA Contact Centre: For a personal touch, a simple phone call to our friendly and knowledgeable representatives allows you to make payment over the phone. Please note that this method incurs a service charge of $3.70.
  • Service & Gas Stations: Near toll gates, most gas stations accept cash, EFTPOS, or credit cards for toll payments. Keep in mind that a service charge of $1.20 applies to this convenient in-person payment option.

Extra Fees

Opting for phone or gas station payments attracts service charges. Consider utilizing free Wi-Fi zones to make your payment online and avoid these additional costs.

  • Administration & Processing Fees: Tolls unpaid within the 3-day window incur a $4.90 processing fee. Given the relatively modest toll amount of approximately $2, this avoidable expense can be effortlessly sidestepped.
  • Insufficient Funds: To circumvent a substantial $20.60 fine, ensure your cards have sufficient funds before making toll payments. A little planning can save you from unnecessary financial penalties.
  • Infringement Fee: Neglecting toll payments results in a minimum $40 fee, escalating if payment continues to be outstanding. Timely settlement is crucial to avoid accumulating charges and potential legal consequences.

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