Used SUVs for Sale in Auckland

used SUVs for sale in Auckland

Buying a used SUV in Auckland is a process that requires many considerations. Nevertheless, while shopping for your SUV, you should always consider what you need and not necessarily what you want.

This is because there are many second-hand vehicles you can buy from several sites and at different costs, making it imperative to get the one that fits your purpose and budget.

To avoid going on many test drives and getting carried away, here is a list of questions that will advise you on the best SUV to buy on the market.

What types of second-hand SUVs can you find in Auckland?

You will find SUVs with 4WD traction and those without. Nevertheless, some of the most popular and reliable vehicles to buy include brands like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Subaru.

What is the best-used SUV to buy in Auckland?

The New Zealand experience for vehicles is different. It is common to buy second-hand cars and keep them for an extended period. Therefore, measuring the reliability a used SUV offers over a long period, the best option could be a Toyota or a Nissan model.

This explains why the taxis in Auckland are Toyota: they keep working for a more extended period than other car models. Other SUV brands that follow Toyota and Nissan in the best-used vehicles to buy include the Honda, Subaru Forester, Kia, and Hyundai.

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What are the cheapest SUVs for sale in Auckland?

You can get a 2000 Mazda MPV for as low as $4,000 — $6,000. Nevertheless, most used SUVs from the 90s cost at least $3,000. Newer models cost slightly more expensive, with most costing at least $4000.

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What are the most expensive used SUVs you can find in the market?

Among used SUVs in the Auckland market, the Ford and Subaru models are the most expensive to buy and maintain. The value increases if you select a 4WD model, since they are easier to sell than their non-4WD counterparts.

Do I need an SUV or a 4WD vehicle to travel all around New Zealand?

Not necessarily; most travelers do not use SUVs or 4WD vehicles to travel across New Zealand. It all depends on your preference, since you don’t need a 4WD to enjoy every target location on the Island.

You will find that almost all the locations are accessible using a standard vehicle. Nevertheless, if you take a road trip through New Zealand, a non-4WD would be a better option since it will provide you value for money.

Also, going off-road with a rented 4WD can cause unforeseen insurance issues, and it might be challenging to get roadside assistance if an accident occurs.

On the other hand, a 4WD SUV is perfect for crossing ‘The 90 miles Beach’ or exploring other roads that non-4WDs cannot access. They are also very comfortable traveling with a group of friends, they are safe, and they are stylish.


Where can you buy an SUV in Auckland?

There are several places where you can buy a used SUV in Auckland. For instance, visit the Car Fair in the city or Auckland’s Ellerslie Car Fair, and you’ll get a variety of options.

Online Facebook groups or our site have some SUVs and Wagons for sale all around New Zealand, most of them from private sellers.

If you still don’t find something you like, check other car dealerships and newspaper classifieds.

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How can you get a new model SUV and pay a reasonable price?

Start by looking for car models from 2010 to 2012. Models like these that cost half the showroom cost usually have an 80,000+ KMS on the odometer.

Remember, buying any car means buying an asset that is continuously depreciating. Make sure you make this consideration when you buy a new model, especially if you plan to travel or use it for just a few years.

Which is the better choice to travel within New Zealand, a manual, or an automatic SUV?

Like the non-4WD and the 4WD SUV options, the manual vs. automatic choice depends on your driving or riding preference. Besides, most of the vehicles you will find in the market have both options. In case you still want to find out which is better, these are their assessments:

For manual driving, expect to be more engaged throughout your travels. You will also experience a more tiring stop-and-start. While this option is cheaper to buy, it can be harder to resell.

Your ride will be a lot smoother for automatic driving because you will experience no changing of gears. However, your driving experience will be reduced, and fixing the car is much more expensive. Still, this model is much more fuel-efficient.


How can I inspect a used SUV before I close the deal?

If it is possible, make sure that the day is sunny. Dry weather will make it much easier to identify the real condition of the SUV you are about to purchase. Do not rush the process, either; take your time, and make sure you leave no stone unturned.

Ensure you have everything covered by carrying an inspection checklist if you are not entirely experienced with car inspections. Also, check your paperwork and insurance cover.

Your paperwork should include a warrant of fitness and registration. Don’t leave everything to the seller; make sure you go with a knowledgeable friend to verify that everything is in order.

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What happens if the car develops a fault after purchase?

Probably the most significant risk of buying a used SUV is that it is bound to develop a fault sooner than a new car.

Inspecting your SUV will reduce the chances of this risk occurring. Nevertheless, some cars still experience faults regardless of prior thorough inspections done. Additionally, some models are more prone to problems than others.

Therefore, research to find if the model you want to buy is prone to any faults. The inspection and research will save you some high costs on sudden and unexpected repairs. Remember, once you buy a used SUV, and it develops a fault, you have no option but to pay for the repair yourself.

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What about getting an extended warranty?

This depends on you as well, especially if you are buying your used SUV from a dealer. Think about it this way, if your used car develops a fault, can you afford the $1,000 needed for repair fast enough?

If finding that money would be a hassle, you should probably consider getting an extended warranty upfront because it will provide insurance against unpredictable faults.

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