New Zealand is a thriving holiday destination for travelers and immigrants alike, but with many people looking for the perfect place to settle, a working holiday might be the ideal option. Unlike many popular immigration destinations, New Zealand has a variety of working holiday options which gives many individuals the opportunity to explore the region, immerse themselves in the community and earn a liveable wage whilst doing so. We have compiled a list of popular working holiday jobs, so check your visa restrictions and start planning an experience of a lifetime.

1. Face-to-Face Fundraising

Charities are always open to recruiting travelers and if you are committed to the cause then keep your eyes open for part-time or full-time positions. This can be anything from connecting with the masses in shopping malls or cold-calling in the relevant industries, so people skills are a must. The opportunity for engaging with multicultural individuals is something that cannot be surpassed and with an average pay rate of NZ$24 per hour, this is an ideal working holiday opportunity.

2. Construction

Construction is in high demand in the South Island and with a multitude of projects always on the go there are always opportunities in the construction industry. So, if you are good with your hands, eager to embark on physical activities in your daily life, and ready to work in a dynamic and unique environment, then start looking for construction-related roles and expect an average pay rate of around NZ$35 per hour.

3. Travel & Tourism Receptionists

This industry varies greatly, with high-end hotels looking for multicultural receptionists that offer a “work for accommodation” option. These options will depend on your circumstances, and make sure you look into the company you are working for with a safety-first mindset.

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4. Live-in Nanny / Au Pair

If this will be your first time traveling, and you have a passion for children and families, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Most families will want you to integrate into their daily lives and take general care of the children, cooking, and possibly some additional tasks. The upside of this arrangement is that you will be getting insight into the New Zealand culture and if English isn’t your first language this may be an excellent opportunity for a learning experience as well. Accommodation may also be included, so the wage differs, but generally, you are looking at about NZ$23 per hour.

5. Cleaner & Car Grooming

This job is in high demand and pays according to experience. You can also look at working in corporate or domestic environments, and mainly only require a few hours of work per job. General wages range from NZ$25 – NZ$30 per hour.

6. Hospitality

Hospitality is an industry that thrives no matter where you are in the world and in New Zealand you can find an array of cafés, restaurants, and bars. Typically, hospitality staff can earn between NZ$24-NZ$27 per hour but be warned tipping isn’t the modus operandi in most places in New Zealand. Other positions in this industry, include front-of-house staff and kitchen hands.

7. Farm Worker

New Zealand is known for its agriculture, so picking, packing, and general farming jobs are plentiful. These jobs range from fruit picking, dairy farm hands, stable hands, and a variety of other seasonal and all-year-round jobs. Pay rates range from NZ$24 – NZ$28 plus holiday pay and, in some cases, accommodation may be included.

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8. Bicycle Rider

The big cities in New Zealand have massive parking shortages, so most people rely on walking, taxis, public transport, and even bicycle shuttles. Companies like Bikeman offer this service and are often looking for staff with earning potential of up to NZ$300 per day.

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9. Traffic Controllers

This job does not require experience and involves spending a lot of time helping out on construction sites and in high-traffic areas, and with an average hourly rate of NZ$27 per hour, this may very well be the perfect option for you.

10. Office & Administration Work

These jobs frequently come on the market during staff absences, so this is an excellent option for a working holiday experience. Experience is beneficial but not always essential, and pay rates are generally between NZ$24 to NZ$28 plus holiday pay.

Now that you have an idea of what possible jobs are available, it may be a good idea to check a few employment sites and agencies to get your job search underway.

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