Backpacker Cars, Vans & Campervans in Auckland

Backpacker cars and campervans in Auckland

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Embarking on an adventure across New Zealand requires a reliable and budget-friendly travel companion.


Travel Cars NZ stands out with its diverse range of backpacker cars, vans and campervans in Auckland. 


Particularly favored among backpackers seeking an economical means to explore, our converted cars provide an affordable option for traversing scenic landscapes.


In the forthcoming article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the backpacker car market in New Zealand, unraveling essential insights and shedding light on what sets Travel Cars NZ apart as a leading campervan business.

1. Types of Backpacker Cars, Vans & Campervans

Navigating the array of New Zealand campervan models can be exciting and overwhelming.


To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve curated a list highlighting the most popular, affordable, and easily maintainable backpacker campervans for your journey.


Discover your ideal travel companion among these standout options:

  • Toyota Estima
  • Toyota Hi-Ace
  • Mitsubishi L300
  • Honda Odyssey – Converted People Movers

Each model offers unique features and advantages, catering to different preferences and travel styles.


From the reliable and spacious Toyota Estima to the versatile Toyota Hi-Ace and the budget-friendly Mitsubishi L300 to the creatively converted Honda Odyssey, there’s a perfect fit for every explorer.


It’s worth noting that maintenance costs can vary based on the type and make of the vehicle. 


This crucial factor should play a role in your decision-making process, ensuring an enjoyable journey and a practical and cost-effective one.

2. Buying a Backpacker Car from Travel Cars NZ

We’re only in Auckland, so we can’t arrange any bookings outside this region.


However, you can find more vehicles for sale on our website from private sellers.


As a campervan business, we offer different options to make buying easy (and safe) for any traveler looking to purchase a backpacker car or campervan.

💰 Buy-Back Option

We commit to repurchasing any of our cars within 12 months. That means you can get up to 50% of your money back.


Regardless of whether you didn’t maintain your car accordingly, we can do it!


This option is recommended for travelers planning to tour New Zealand for ten weeks or more, since any period below that won’t be worth it.


In that case, a rental option will be a better option.


🔍 Find more about this option in the following article: Campervans & Backpacker Cars Buy-Back Option


Buy-back option

🚐 Park & Sell Option

A good option if you are planning to sell your backpacker car or campervan during the low season (March-August).


In this scenario, we give you a higher price than repurchasing your car immediately, so you will get paid a better price when the vehicle is sold!

🔧 Mechanical Warranty

Experience peace of mind with our exclusive warranty offerings at Travel Cars NZ.


Every vehicle you purchase from us comes with a complimentary 30-day Mechanical Warranty, ensuring a smooth start to your journey.


For those seeking extended coverage, our premium option includes a 12-month paid mechanical warranty with the added benefit of On-Road Assistance. 


Moreover, if your travel plans are shorter than the warranty period, you can transfer this comprehensive coverage to the next owner when selling your car.

Mechanical warranty

3. Renting a Backpacker Car or Campervan

Our stock of campervan rentals is limited, and most of the time, the campervans are fully booked unless you book at least three months in advance.


We’ve added options for renting a campervan all around New Zealand.


Use our Rental Search Tool” to find campervans & motorhomes, then compare prices between dozens of companies.

Loading search form...

4. Where to Find Backpacker Cars all around New Zealand

Navigate our user-friendly platform to discover a diverse collection of cars featuring listings from dealers and private sellers. 


Your journey to find the perfect car becomes straightforward and personalized as you explore the variety of options on our platform.


Travel Cars is here to empower your backpacker car buying experience, putting you in direct contact with sellers and simplifying the process for a smoother transaction.

🚘 Backpacker Cars for Sale

Nissan Lafesta Campervan
Subaru Legacy 2005
Sell of my car
South Island

🚐 Backpacker Campervans & Vans for Sale

Self-contained Honda Elysion 2006
Toyota Hiace 1999 campervan

5. Planning to Sell your Backpacker Car, Van, or Campervan Now?

If you’re ready to bid farewell to your trusty on-wheel companion, click the “Sell Your Car” button to embark on a seamless selling journey.


Our user-friendly process allows you to list your car in under 5 minutes, with a straightforward approval time following the completion of your payment.


Enhance your listing by showcasing your car with the best photos, and remember to include all relevant contact details. 


Say ‘goodbye’ to your car hassle-free with our streamlined platform!

Sell a car, campervan or motorhome


👉 Additionally, we leave you here a link to a guide we’ve created with Tips for Selling Your Campervan in New Zealand.


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