Travel Cars NZ is a backpacker car market in New Zealand. This backpacker car market is one of the medium-sized businesses in a convenient location in Auckland, that has adopted a reputation for flexibility, resilience, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

With many years of experience dealing with backpackers and getting their feedback, Travel Cars NZ aimed to bring to the backpacker car market the same type of campervans that suit their needs, this, took many years of continuous focus on demands, budget, and services.

We have established the core of customer demand and simultaneously brought the exact type of services that are ideal for backpackers and travelers, who searching for their car in the backpacker car market, Travel Cars NZ, has it all in one basket.

What you can expect as a customer?

The relationship that we have with our customers is not just a one-off sale, we have many customers who have been returning, or recommended Travel Cars NZ to their friends and family members. This is because Travel Cars NZ takes responsibility for every car that is sold. The ongoing improvement has put backpackers and travelers in a relaxed state of mind that they buy with confidence, without looking elsewhere.

The buy-back option is an added-peace-of-mind—feature to this backpacker car market. Customers can travel in their car, and they can sell it back to Travel Cars NZ for an agreed price, or, they can leave their cars in the yard, and we will sell it for them, this depends on the season, some seasons take longer, some shorter period of time until the car gets sold.

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Services that are offered by Travel Cars NZ

  • Assisting new travelers and backpackers with New Zealand on-road regulations
  • Assistance with ownership swaps
  • Introducing a range of insurance assistance and help with one that is more suitable
  • Mechanical warranties range from 1 to 3 years.
  • On-road assistance
  • Park and sell option
  • Buy-Back options for Travel Cars NZ customers
  • Assistance with all your bookings upon your arrival
  • Airport pick-ups and drop-offs (services are from $25 to $35)

Campervan & Backpacker Car Listings

To check our backpacker car listings, just click on the following link: Backpacker Cars for Sale

Links with Full Information about our Services

Location – TCNZ Backpacker Car Market

Travel Cars NZ is currently moving in 2022 / 2023, so we will display our new location once it is secure, meanwhile, you can contact us directly to get the exact location of where we are located and arrange an appointment.

Customer Reviews

We have over 200 reviews on Google, YellowPagesNZ, and Facebook. That’s what some customers say:

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Pre-Cautionary-Measure Tips

It is always advisable for travelers who are new to the country to check the background of the cars they are purchasing, if you are buying from a none-register dealer, generally, there is no warranty. In the event of a fault or foul play (pre-existing issues with the car), you may lose your money. This is the feedback that we have received from many travelers, and we share it with other backpackers and travelers. A Google search for a company mainly should give you some idea. Travel Cars NZ is proud to be one of the well-reputed backpacker car markets in New Zealand.

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us at 022 177 40 90 or email us at

Thank you & Safe travels!