Buy Second Hand-Campervans in Auckland

Second hand campervans in Auckland

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🚐 Introduction to Second-Hand Campervans in Auckland

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand, or have you already arrived and want to explore the country far and wide?

If you plan to explore New Zealand’s vast and varied countryside, then having the freedom to discover the winding roads in your campervan might be the best option!

Buying a campervan just for a few months may seem extreme, but you are surprised at how cost-effective this option is.

To help you weigh up your travel options, we have compiled an article to help you sort through all the essential facts, possible costs, and things to consider before you decide.

1. Travel Cars NZ Ltd. — Who We Are and How We Can Help You

Travel Cars NZ Ltd is ideally located near Auckland CBD and is a registered pre-owned campervan dealership.

We have provided the wheels for innumerable memories along the beautiful NZ roads. We are committed to selling well-maintained, cost-effective, and suitable campervans and vehicles to travellers and locals alike.

We have a variety of vehicles on sale at the moment, so be sure to check out our website and find the perfect vacation vehicle for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Travel Cars NZ Ltd offers customers several excellent benefits, including a 100% guaranteed buy-back agreement, which means we will repurchase your campervan when your vacation has run its course.

👉 We also offer a FREE 30-Day Mechanical Warranty nationwide and an additional 12-month mechanical warranty for only 395$NZD.

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2. Campervans for Sale in Auckland

If you’re in the market to buy a campervan, we invite you to explore our listings on the homepage.

You’ll discover a variety of vehicles located throughout New Zealand, not limited to our inventory (as we operate solely in Auckland).

Please note that while our listings are regularly updated, we typically have additional stock not listed for sale.

For specific inquiries or if you’re searching for a particular campervan, it’s best to contact us directly. We’ll ensure you find the right fit, even if it’s not currently listed for sale.

👉  Check campervan listings from other backpackers


3. Most Popular Second-Hand Campervans in New Zealand

There are many different campervan models available in New Zealand.

But to help you find the vehicle that is right for you, we have compiled a list of the most popular campervans, the most affordable, and the easiest to maintain while travelling:

— Toyota Estima

— Toyota Hi-Ace

— Mitsubishi L300

— Honda Odyssey – (Converted People Movers)


Note: Maintenance costs vary according to the vehicle type and make, so we have arranged the brand from the most cost-effective maintenance averages right down to the makes that tend to cost a lot more.

— Toyota (cheapest to maintain)

— Mazda

— Nissan

  • On the higher end of the maintenance price scale, you will find the following makes:

— Volkswagen

— Mercedes-Benz

— Subaru

4. What Can You Expect to Pay for a Pre-Owned Campervan in NZ?

Car prices tend to be seasonal, favouring the buyer in the off-peak and winter months, but they increase by up to 50% in spring and summer.

— Small Cars – NZ$3,000 – NZ$4 500

— Station Wagons – NZ$4,000-NZ$5,500

— Converted People Movers – NZ$5,500 – NZ$6,500

— Campervans SWB or LWB – NZ$12,000+

— Certified Self-Contained Campervans – NZ$10,000+

5. Used Campervan Maintenance Costs

Older vehicles have accumulated mileage over many years and will have been well-maintained over their lifespan, but their maintenance costs will continue as their mileage increases.

We estimate average maintenance costs of approximately NZ$500 per 10,000 km travelled.

These costs usually include but are not limited to tyres, brake pads, oil, brake fluid, filters, and any other wear and tear items.

👉 Car Insurance is advisable, so be sure to check out our article about getting Insurance for Your Campervan in New Zealand

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6. Buying a Campervan in Auckland from Travel Cars NZ Ltd.

Explore a range of affordable campervans at Travel Cars NZ Ltd, tailored to suit every style and travel plan.

Regarding payment, we offer flexibility, accepting European Bank Transfers, Cash, EFTPOS, Credit Cards, and PayPal.

For those looking to secure their vehicle before arriving in NZ, we provide convenient storage for up to 3 months.

Additionally, we arrange for a car to pick you up from the airport and transport you to our location.

7. Booking Online a Car or Campervan 

We offer online reservations for travellers who prefer to have everything ready for arrival. Early reservations can save you money, especially if you come to New Zealand in the high season (September-January).

Airport pick-ups could also be arranged with us for an extra $40NZD.

📩 For reservations, contact us here or at info@travelcarsnz.com


8. Customer—Google Reviews

Boasting a proud 4.6/5 rating on Google, we provide weekly updates where you can pose questions or schedule appointments with us.

Stay tuned for our monthly showcase featuring photos of our latest setups, new additions to our fleet, satisfied customers, and more.

👉 Additional FREE services we offer before driving away your campervan

  • Ownership change: We provide you with the papers to transfer the ownership into your name. This costs $9 at any Post Office or VTNZ Station.
  • Insurance advice: We can help you set up your insurance here if needed. It used to take 10 minutes, and you get covered before driving your car.
  • Mechanical warranty advice: For people without mechanical knowledge, we can give you some maintenance tips, depending on the car model you purchase.
  • Mechanical warranty service: If you want to add 12-month full warranty and on-road assistance to your vehicle, we will process it before you drive away.

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