Are you in Auckland or arriving soon?

In the following post we explain how you can buy a cheap campervan in Auckland, who we are, where to find us and where to view the cars available for sale.

As a complement you will find at the end of the article some useful related links about the campervan business in New Zealand.

Different models of second hand campervans for sale

There are many camper models in New Zealand, in the following list we will show you the most popular, cheapest campervans and more expensive ones, specially to maintain while you are travelling:

Most popular campervan types: Toyota Estima, Toyota Hi-Ace, Mitsubishi L300, Honda Odyssey (converted people mover)

Cheapest brands for maintenance: Toyotas, Mazdas & Nissans

Most expensive brands for maintenance: Volkswagen, Mercedes & Subaru.

What’s the price range when buying a second hand campervan?

You will be able to find cheap prices in winter and more expensive in spring/summer season, our stock of cars and campervans used to be 20% cheaper during winter (off-season).

Expectations about prices:

Small car: 1500$NZD-2500$NZD

Station Wagon: 2500$NZD-3500$NZD

Converted people mover or wagon: 3000NZD-5000$NZD

Campervan SWB or LWB: 5500$NZD-12,500$NZD

*Self-Contained certificated campervan can increase price around 1500$NZD on the top.

camper vans for buy

Where to buy a second hand campervan in Auckland?

As a campervan business on Travel Cars NZ LTD we are located just 2km far away from city center, our address is 671 great north road, Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Before coming is recomendable check the vehicles we have available to make sure we have exactly what you are looking for, specially in spring/summer period the cars and campervans that we receive every day are getting sold very quickly.











What you get when buying a second hand campervan from TCNZ

campervan optionAs a registered car dealership by the law you get 30 days free mechanical warranty, that means any repair will be under our cost wherever you are, not necessary in Auckland only. We have also extended mechanical warranties for 12 months available to purchase from only 395NZD.

All the cars and campervans include a buy back option, that means you can sell the car to us at the end of your trip or even leave it at our yard, and we will sell it for you.

For more info about Buy Back option you can click here.

How is the buying process / how you can start your trip today

When you arrive to New Zealand it will take you around a week to set up a bank account, transfer the money from overseas and get an IRD number if you are planning to work during your trip.

Saving you time and money, to purchase a car or campervan with us you will be able to pay by European bank transfer, saving you lots of bank fees and the conversion rate fee (usually takes 1-2 days), paypal (instant payment), credit card (instant payment), cash and ETFOS.

On that way you will be able to use your campervan very quickly as soon as you arrive so hotel expenses will be avoided, with us you can also purchase a car from overseas (no more than 1 month before your arrival), we will hold it for you and pick you up at the airport, for this option best call or email us, so we will be able to arrange online any car for you.

Available campervan vehicles for sale

To find all our cars and campervans available for sale please refer to the home page or categories.

Main menu and search option following this link: Home: Cars for sale

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More points to consider

Average maintenance cost of a campervan in New Zealand

Maintenance will depend on the model of the car, in general we always say there is an average of 500$NZD every 10,000km we drive our car or campervan, specially on cars with over 15-20 years age.

Usually these expenses are for tyres replacement (2nd hand), oil change and filter, brake pads and other components that can suffer wear and tear with the time like: alternator / steering belt, power steering rack, suspension bushes..

Buy a self-contained campervan or not?

Some facts to consider is the time you are going to travel with your campervan and your budget, for more info about this you can read our post about Self-Contained Campervans.

Car Insurance for Backpackers in New Zealand

Not an obligation in New Zealand, however is recommendable for your peace of mind, if you need help finding a backpacker company insurance you check out the following link where we explain everything and you can also get covered online in 5 minutes.

Backpacker car insurance

Motorhomes & Caravan Dealers in Auckland

If you are looking to buy a motorhome or caravan that means you have a budget over 20,000$NZD, on Travel Cars NZ we don’t offer this kind of vehicles, however we list here some reputable providers where you can purchase one of those models.

Trademe: Motorhomes & caravans for sale

RV Super Centre

– Traillite 

Any question? Just ask us

If you have any question you can leave us a comment here or for private requests send us an email to

Thank you and safe travels.