Travel Cars NZ offers a big variety of backpacker cars in Auckland, converted cars that are very popular among backpackers looking for a cheap option to travel around.

In the following article, we will explain to you all that you need to know about the backpacker car market in New Zealand and what we offer to our customers as a campervan business. 

Types of Backpacker Cars & Campervans

There are a number of different campervan models available in New Zealand. But in order to help you find the vehicle that is right for you, we have compiled a list of the most popular campervans, the most affordable, and the easiest to maintain while traveling.

— Toyota Estima

— Toyota Hi-Ace

— Mitsubishi L300

— Honda Odyssey – Converted People Movers

*Maintenance costs vary according to the vehicle type and make.

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Buying a Backpacker Car from Travel Cars NZ

We’re only located in Auckland, so we can’t arrange any bookings outside this region. However, you can find more vehicles for sale on our website from private sellers.

As a campervan business, we offer different options to make the buying process really easy (and safe) for any traveler looking to purchase a backpacker car or campervan.

→ Buy-Back Option

We commit to buying any of our cars back within a period of 12 months.

That means you can get up to 50% of your money back regardless if you didn’t maintain your car accordingly, we can do it!

This option is recommended for travelers who are planning to tour New Zealand for 10 weeks or more since any period of time below that won’t be worth it, in that case, a rental option will be a better option.

♦ For more information about the Buy-Back option, please follow this link: FAQ—Travel Cars Buy-Backs

→ Park & Sell Option

A good option if you are planning to sell your car or campervan during the low season (March-August). In this scenario, we give you a higher price than buying your car back at the moment, so when the car is sold you will get paid a better price!

→ Mechanical Warranty

We offer a FREE 30-Day Mechanical Warranty on all the vehicles we sell. We also offer a paid mechanical warranty for 12 months with On Road Assistance included, if you travel for a shorter period of time you can transfer this mechanical warranty to the next car owner, so you can sell your car with the warranty included.

♦ Additional information about paid warranty options: Travel Cars NZ – Mechanical Warranty


Renting a Backpacker Car or Campervan

Our stock of campervan rentals is limited and most of the time the campervans are fully booked unless you book at least 3 months in advance.

We’ve added options for you in order to rent a campervan all around New Zealand, simply use our Rental Search Tool to find campervans & motorhomes then compare prices between dozens of companies.

Booking Online a Campervan for Sale 

We offer online reservations for travelers who prefer to have everything ready for their arrival, early reservations can save you money, especially if you are coming to New Zealand in the high season (September-January).

Airport picks up could also be arranged with us for an extra 40$NZD.

For reservations, contact us by Whatsapp +64 22 177 40 90 or by email at

Where to Find Backpacker Vehicles all around New Zealand

If you are planning to buy a backpacker car or campervan outside Auckland, you can check all the listings we have available on our website.

Filter your needs and get in touch directly with sellers!

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Planning to Sell your Car, Van or Campervan Now?

For sellers looking to say ‘goodbye’ to their on-wheel travel mate please follow the ”Sell Your Car” button, you will be able to list your car in less than 2 minutes, and approval times don’t use to take more than 24 hours. 

Make sure you put your best photos and all the contact details!

Additionally, we leave you here a link to a guide we’ve created with Tips for Selling your Campervan in New Zealand.

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