8 Must Join Facebook Groups in New Zealand

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When planning your backpacking adventure in New Zealand, leverage the social power of Facebook—a platform with numerous groups tailored for backpackers. At Travel Cars, we’ve cultivated a robust network of backpacker groups. In these communities, you’ll discover a wealth of content related to New Zealand.

Additionally, you can explore specific groups dedicated to buying and selling campervans or connecting with fellow travelers from your home country. Dive into our network for a comprehensive and engaging backpacking experience!

Here we offer you the following 8 most important groups for Backpacker in New Zealand:

Backpacker Cars New Zealand

Join our thriving group of over 40,000 members dedicated exclusively to buying and selling backpacker cars. We filter out unrelated content to maintain focus. With, 50-60 new members daily, you’ll always find a diverse selection of backpacker cars available.

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Backpackers New Zealand: Car Market, Carpooling & Ride-share

This dynamic group revolves around two key themes: facilitating the buying and selling of cars and creating opportunities for cost-sharing among members exploring New Zealand. Join us for a vibrant community focused on these engaging topics!

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My WHV New Zealand

While the majority of our members hail from Malaysia, many others have joined with Working Holiday Visas. This inclusive community welcomes discussions on any topic related to New Zealand. Feel free to share and explore various aspects of NZ with our diverse and engaging group!

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Backpacking Neuseeland – Work & Travel

Primarily designed for German individuals, this group warmly welcomes travelers from other countries. Please note that the primary language used within the group is German.

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Francais en Nouvelle-Zellande / French in New Zealand

Exclusively tailored for French individuals, our group extends a warm welcome to travelers from other countries. It’s important to note that the primary language utilized within the group is French.

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Backpacker VANS & Cars under $10,000

Focused exclusively on facilitating the buying and selling of vehicles, especially cars and campervans priced under $10,000 NZD. Join our community for a seamless and budget-friendly experience in the world of automotive transactions. Whether you’re looking to sell or purchase, this group is tailored to meet your needs within this specific price range.

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New Zealand Backpackers

Join our dynamic community dedicated to the sale of cars and camping gear. Our second car-centric group is consistently bustling with activity, providing a vibrant marketplace for automotive enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, these groups are your go-to destinations for all things automotive.

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Spanish in New Zealand

Exclusively designed for Spanish individuals, our group warmly welcomes travelers from other countries. It’s significant to note that the primary language used within the group is Spanish. Additionally, we have a diverse membership with many participants hailing from countries such as Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.

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Explore the richness of our groups 🌐, and for additional New Zealand content, visit the Travel Cars Blog 🚗 or follow our Travel Cars Facebook Page for weekly updates 📆.

Thank you, and may your travels be safe and enjoyable! 🌟

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