9 Ways to Travel Low-Cost in a Motorhome

low cost travel by motorhome

Many people presume that traveling in a motorhome is meant to be a luxurious holiday. But, trust me, traveling in a motorhome can be both comfortable and affordable at the same time.

All you have to do is follow some budget-friendly ways to make your holiday fun, wallet-friendly, and memorable trip. Head on to check out the top nine ways to travel low-cost in a motorhome, and you are all set to go. 

1. Motorhome selection

Though you have a multitude of options to choose from, find a motorhome that perfectly meets all your desires (your budget, too). As long as you take your time and decide on your motorhome wisely, the utilities offered on future trips will save you money. Once this is all sorted, you have everything you need for your budget-friendly camping.

Make sure your motorhome offers cooking amenities so that you can cook food in your motorhome hassle-free. You will no longer refrain from buying extravagant camping foods. 

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cooking facilities

2. Set up a budget for your trip

You have to plan for your trip and set your financial limits — so that you don’t go beyond your estimated budget. Figure out how much you need to spend on this holiday trip, and categorize them as per your requirements. This is truly subjective to each person’s choice of destination or style. 


3. Look out for campgrounds near your location

Once you decide on camping, you are likely to wonder, “Are there campgrounds near me”? And, luckily, searching for camping grounds is just a short Google away. There are abundant sites to park your motorhome and enjoy the fresh air. Even though you don’t find one, they are available at a fairly reasonable price. 

campgrounds for motorhomes

4. Stick to your budget

Keep a habit of jotting down your expenses at the end of the day. Keep an eye on how much you are spending. Try to use cash and divide it according to your needs. It’s okay to go over budget sometimes, but not always!

If you are using online apps, don’t be surprised when you reach home and check your bank balance. For this case, it would be better to use cash, as it makes you aware that you’re spending. Hence, make sure you stick to your budget. 


5. Cooking on a budget is quite challenging!

When you plan for a trip in a motorhome, ensure that you get stocked up on food and gas. Plan your meals earlier and try to use the same ingredients in various recipes. Ultimately, this will help you in saving your kitchen space as well.

Select only the spices that are used most and leave the rest. Try to include tinned beans or lentils, as they are packed full of nutrients and are reasonable. Rely more on fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure both budget-friendly and healthy meals.

Don’t forget to check out the stalls or markets while traveling. Always remember that if you decide to treat yourself to a meal, don’t feel reliant on this.

6. Prevent surplus costs

You are likely to cut down your unnecessary costs when you decide to spend less on expensive restaurants. If you are planning to engross yourself in hiking or outdoor sports, make sure you don’t end up spending money on the insane prices of the stores. Ask out your fellow campers, friends, or family. Perhaps, you can buy it or borrow it. Lastly, if you don’t find an option, ask for rent.

Think twice about using these items and whether it is worth buying. So, renting would be a better option.

Another great way of saving up money is to avoid heating or air conditioning and begin relying on the natural aura coming from the windowpanes. Plan for group trips, so you can divide the costs equally and make the most of your journey.

motorhome facilities

7. Pay attention to fuel charges

Another unavoidable travel cost for motorhomes is fuel. It is not possible to neglect the fuel cost unless you plan to stay stationary. Look out for petrol station prices, so that when you see low, you can fill up your tank.

Ensure that your vehicle gives excellent mileage. It might be lovely having a spacious one, but it will cost you more fuel/gas. 

fuel costs

8. Shorten your must-see list

There’s always one rule in traveling. More the miles, the more the budget. Don’t attempt to cram everything you want to see in a hectic and unmanageable manner. Instead, have a break, and enjoy your surroundings. Another great option is to go for walks or hike tracks. Also, avoid traveling in peak seasons because the prices are already high.

9. Keep it fun and have a good time!

In comparison to many other holiday trips, surprisingly, traveling in a motorhome can be on a budget. Isn’t it an amazing advantage? Spend your days without spending too much. See how easy it is! 

Pleasant weather? You can go for a lovely hike, try fishing, or even swim in nearby rivers. Spend your time collecting wood for the campfire in the evening. 

Bad weather? Don’t be upset! Curl up in your motorhome in cozy linen. 

Gazing at the starry nights is one of the best parts of traveling in a motorhome. Cherish these memories forever!

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