Save yourself the time and hassle of landing in New Zealand and THEN starting your quest for a Car or campervan.

For a stress-free start to your New Zealand travels, Travel Cars NZ offers the popular option of selecting and securing your campervan before you arrive in New Zealand.

STEP 1—Get in touch with us

Get in touch with us and let us know what kind of vehicle you are after. This could be a fully self-contained campervan, a non-self-contained campervan, a station wagon with a built-in bed, or maybe a van with seats in the back and no bed.

STEP 2—Review your vehicle options

We will let you know what vehicles are in stock or will have in stock by the time you arrive in New Zealand. We will send you information on the vehicles including price, then you can decide which one is best for you.

STEP 3—Pay your deposit

To secure the vehicle, you make a 10 to 20% deposit into Travel Cars NZ bank account. Many customers use TransferWise, but others will transfer directly from their bank. As soon as you show proof of transfer, the campervan is secured and waiting for you.

→ Regardless you decide to book a car with us or not, we leave you here a Transfewise referral link, so you can do your first transfer in New Zealand for free: Transferwise Referral link 

STEP 4—Relax and countdown

High Five! You have gotten what for many is the most stressful part of their trip taken care of. Now you can turn your attention to where you are going to take your campervan, what you will name him/her, and what you will pack.

STEP 5—Land in Auckland

Once you arrive in Auckland, as soon as you have recovered from the plane ride, you make your way out to Travel Cars NZ car yard, and we will have the paperwork ready to go. You will have a test drive with us, and we will talk you through the best way to maintain the vehicle and answer any questions you might have about traveling and driving in New Zealand.

STEP 6—Start your adventure

Once you have paid for the remainder of the vehicle (the other 80-90%) then the keys are handed over and your driving adventure begins.

♥ Other things to consider:

And of course, you can find plenty of cars, campervans, and motorhomes for sale all around New Zealand by visiting our Homepage (from private sellers), except most of the Cars & Campervans in the Auckland area that belongs to us.

→ For reservations, contact us by Whatsapp at +64 22 177 40 90 or by email at

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