Second-Hand Campervans for Sale Under $10000

Campervans for sale under 10,000$

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Have you ever imagined going on a road trip without spending much cash? 


Think about driving down beautiful roads, stopping wherever you want, all cozy in your own camper.


You can make that dream come true with second-hand campervans that cost less than $10,000.


In this guide, we’ll show you how easy and cheap camper travel can be.


ūüĒć Before we start, at Travel Cars NZ, you can check listings of used cars from private sellers and car dealers.

Self-contained Honda Elysion 2006
Toyota Hiace 1999 campervan

1. Why Go Second-Hand?

Cool Stories

Every old camper has its own cool stories to share.


Think about all the fun trips and adventures it’s been on. It’s like having a little piece of history on wheels!

Friends Everywhere

When you’re part of the camper community, you’ve got friends all over.


People who love camping are super friendly and helpful. You’ll never feel alone on the road.

Do Whatever You Want

Having your own camper means you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.


No need to stick to schedules or book hotels. You’re free to explore and enjoy life on your terms.

Outdoor Fun

Living in a camper means you get to spend lots of time outdoors. Wake up to the sun shining and birds chirping.


Have meals outside and sleep under the stars. It’s like having your own little outdoor paradise.

Exciting Adventures

Every day is an adventure when you’re on the road.


Whether you’re driving to new places, hiking in nature, or just chilling by a campfire, there’s always something fun to do and discover.

Adventures by campervan

2. Things to Think About Before Buying a Campervan

  • How Much Can You Spend?:¬†Figure out your budget. Know how much you can afford to spend on a campervan, including any extra costs like repairs or upgrades.
  • Check Its Condition:¬†Take a good look at the camper. Check for any signs of damage or wear and tear. You want to make sure it’s in decent shape before you buy.
  • Get a Second Opinion:¬†If you’re not a car expert, it’s a good idea to get someone who knows about cars to check it out. They can tell you if there are any hidden issues you need to know about.
  • Size Matters:¬†Consider how big or small you want your camper to be. Think about how many people will be traveling with you and how much space you’ll need for sleeping, cooking, and hanging out.
  • Think About Your Needs:¬†Consider what you’ll use the camper for. Do you require lots of storage space for gear? Are you planning to cook meals inside? Make sure the camper has everything you need to make your trips comfortable and enjoyable.


ūüöź For more information about the buying process and tips you should take into account, we have created the following guide: 12 Tips for Buying a Campervan in New Zealand


Tips for buying a campervan

3. Where to Find Your New Ride

In New Zealand, Travel Cars and Facebook Groups are the most popular places to find a campervan; these groups are dedicated only to backpackers looking for a car or campervan.


At Travel Cars, we moderate our own network of groups with over 300,000 members daily.


This is a generally safe place to buy and sell, as we moderate all the vehicles and welcome new members daily.


When the time comes to sell, you’ll have to list your car at Travel Cars to get it approved within our network.


While a small fee is charged, it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind it brings.


This fee helps us maintain the integrity of our network, preventing potential scammers from publishing fake listings or selling damaged cars.


ūüßĎ‚ÄćūüíĽ If you want to join them, you can find the most active ones here:¬†Backpacker Facebook Groups NZ


4. Tips for a Smooth Purchase

Some basic considerations you must take into account:

  1. Check the Papers:¬†Look at the paperwork that comes with the campervan. Make sure it matches the van’s details and that everything is up-to-date.
  2. Safety Check: Check that the campervan has a safety certificate called a Warrant of Fitness (WOF). It should be recent and valid for at least six months.
  3. Service History: Ask for any records of past services or repairs. This can help you see how well the van has been looked after.
  4. Change of Ownership:¬†Complete the paperwork to transfer ownership of the van to you. You’ll need to provide some ID and proof of purchase.
  5. Get Insurance: Before you drive the campervan, make sure you have insurance. This will protect you in case something goes wrong.
  6. Keep a Record: When you buy the campervan, get a receipt or proof of purchase. This is important in case you need to prove you own it later.
  7. Check its History:¬†Consider checking the van’s history to ensure there are no hidden problems, such as outstanding debts or past accidents.
Purchase process

5. Keeping Your Camper Running Smoothly

By following these simple maintenance tips, you can keep your camper running smoothly and enjoy many more adventures on the open road.

  • Routine Check-Ups:¬†Regularly inspect the engine, brakes, tires, and fluid levels.
  • Maintenance Schedule:¬†Stick to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations.
  • Keep it Clean:¬†Regularly clean the interior and exterior to prevent dirt buildup and rust.
  • Check Seals and Joints:¬†Inspect and repair any damaged seals around doors, windows, and openings.
  • Test Electrical Components:¬†Ensure all lights, appliances, and outlets function correctly.
  • Monitor for Leaks:¬†Watch for leaks and address them promptly to prevent water damage.
  • Proper Storage:¬†Store your camper in a dry, covered area when not in use to protect it from the elements.
  • Inspect and Maintain the Roof:¬†Regularly check for damage and repair any issues to prevent leaks.

6. Helpful Resources

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