Converted Vans & Small Campervans for Sale in New Zealand

Converted vans and small campervans for sale

✅ Last Update: Jun 5, 2024 @ 6:42 pm

🚐 The Trend of Buying a Converted Van or Small Campervan in New Zealand

New Zealand, for decades, has been the most popular country for buying a campervan and then reselling it.


This is due to many tourists and working holidaymakers arriving in the country to stay up to 12 months, in most cases for a shorter period.


Also, the campervanning activity is popular among locals, so the demand for converted vans or small campervans is guaranteed all year long.


It’s important to mention that New Zealand also has high and low seasons for the demand for these types of vehicles.


While during summer prices skyrocket, during winter, you can find great deals when buying a campervan.

1. How Much is a Small Campervan?

As said previously, prices can vary significantly depending on the season.


We will explain below the price ranges you can expect, but if you want to check the actual prices, you can do so by checking the current campervan listings available.

Self-contained Honda Elysion 2006
Toyota Hiace 1999 campervan

📈 Price Ranges During The High Season

— Converted Camper Vans (Non-Self-Contained): $NZD 6,000 — $NZD 8,000

  • Type of vehicle: Mazda MPV, Toyota Ipsum or Mitsubishi Grandis.

— Converted Camper Vans (Self-Contained): $NZD 9,000 — $NZD 12,000

  • Type of vehicle: Toyota Estima, Nissan Serena or Nissan El Grand. 
High season van prices

📉 Price Ranges During The Low Season

— Converted Camper Vans (Non-Self-Contained): $NZD 3,000 — $NZD 4,000

  • Type of vehicle: Mazda MPV, Toyota Ipsum or Mitsubishi Grandis.

— Converted Camper Vans (Self-Contained): $NZD 5,000 — $NZD 8,000

  • Type of vehicle: Toyota Estima, Nissan Serena or Nissan El Grand. 
Low season van prices

2. What is The Most Economical Small Campervan in New Zealand?

In terms of purchasing price and economic reliability in all aspects, Toyota campervans are at the top in all senses.

✅ Pros

  • It is easy to find parts anywhere in New Zealand
  • Replacements are cheaper than other brands.
  • Petrol consumption is reasonably cheap; their engines are between 2.0 and 2.6L of power so that you can expect between 8 to 11L of petrol consumption.

❌ Cons:

  • They can be more expensive to buy and some models to find, such as the popular Toyota Estima. 

3. Is Campervanning Worth It in New Zealand?

Campervanning is about going wherever you want, whenever you want, and save money on places to stay and eat. Plus, you get to be close to nature and have exciting adventures.


But there are some things to think about as well. The weather can be unpredictable, campsites might be busy, and driving on winding roads can be tricky.


Overall, with some planning and a sense of adventure, you’ll have a fabulous time!


🏞 For more information about campervanning in New Zealand, we have created the following guide: Campervanning in New Zealand: The Essential Guide


Campervanning in New Zealand

4. What is the Smallest Class of Camper?

The smallest class will be in the converted van, which is not self-contained like the models shown before.


You can fit in there only a mattress with some space under it.


Some dealers build them with a kitchen at the back or attempt to convert them as self-contained, but the truth is that you will get a minuscule place to sleep in.


Even if you move the front seats as much as you can to the front.


However, if you are around 1.5 meters tall and on a tight budget, this type of “camper” can be perfect for you.


🎯 You can find more information about these types of campervans in the following article: Self-Contained Campervans


5. How Much Does It Cost to Convert a Van in New Zealand?

The price can vary depending on how you convert your car or if you just buy it directly from another backpacker or car dealer.


The options and prices are:

  • If you purchase the car directly from another seller, and it’s already converted, you will pay the price you agreed on.
  • If you want to convert it with just a mattress, expect a cost of $NZD500.
  • If you want to convert into a self-contained campervan, expect a cost of $NZD2000-2500
  • Hiring a company to do the job, expect double these costs.
Converted van interior

6. Is It Cheaper to Convert a Van or Buy One?

Well, the answer is to convert it yourself, but obviously, if you are coming to New Zealand for a short period of time, you will need tools, a space to convert your car, and time.


Not to mention some basic carpentry skills.


You will also need to buy a car in good condition with seats and within a price range that allows you to spend money on it.


It is, ultimately, cheaper than buying from a campervan dealership.

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