10 Best Tips for Selling a Campervan in New Zealand

Tips for selling a campervan in New Zealand

ūüöź Introduction to Selling a Campervan in New Zealand

Whether you have been traveling around New Zealand for one month or twelve, selling a campervan will likely signal the end of your trip to New Zealand.

It is also time to recoup some of your investment when you purchase your vehicle.

We also have created a specific guide for selling it by location ‚ÄĒ you can check it here later on in the following link: Where Can I Sell My Campervan in New Zealand?

Here are our top tips for selling a campervan in New Zealand!

1. Decide On a Realistic Price

If you need help with how to price your car, jump on Facebook Marketplace & Groups and look at what comparable cars are listed.

If you are keen to sell and are willing to negotiate, you can use the terms’ or near offer’ or ‘ONO’.

price decision

2. Decide Where and When You Want to Sell a Campervan

We recommend giving yourself 2 to 3 weeks to sell; this will put less pressure on you. However, you may also prefer to have your campervan up until the last minute.

Auckland is generally considered an excellent place to sell because of the many backpackers arriving in the city each week.

On the other side, places such as Queenstown or seasonal work hot spots like Marlborough and the Bay of Plenty may also provide good opportunities for selling your campervan to other backpackers (depending on the time of year).


3. Clean Up The Campervan

Wash stations are available in most large towns and cities around the country, or you may have other means to access a hose, brush, and vacuum cleaner. 

Give the interior and exterior a thorough clean so that your campervan is most presentable. 

If that is not appealing, you could always splash out and get your car professionally cleaned at professional car washes.

cleaning the car

4. Create a Good Advert

If you are creating an advert, then include multiple photos of the campervan and details, including:

  • The asking price
  • Kilometers the car has traveled (what is showing on the odometer)
  • If the car is manual or automatic
  • When the registration and warrant of fitness expires
  • When it was last serviced (if applicable)
  • If it has recently had work done (such as new brakes or tires).
  • Remember to include your contact details (i.e, mobile number and email address)

Campervan advertising

5. Get Busy Advertising

Enhance your advertisement by placing pin-up notices in famous backpacker hostels within your target location.

Additionally, leverage the power of online platforms like Travel Cars to showcase your campervan to a broader audience. 

You can reach potential buyers regardless of your current location by listing your vehicle on Travel Cars.

Boost your online visibility by tapping into our extensive Facebook Network, boasting over 300,000 members as of March 2024.

Share details about your campervan on this platform, where a large and engaged community of travel enthusiasts may find the perfect match for their adventures.

Remember, a multi-channel approach increases your chances of reaching the right buyer, whether they stumble upon your notice at a hostel or discover your listing online through reputable platforms like Travel Cars and our vibrant Facebook community.

ūüöź You can list your directly by following this link: Travel Cars ‚ÄĒ List a Car for Sale

listing a car for sale

6. Write an Advert for The Window

While driving and parking, you never know who will be moving or walking while looking to buy a vehicle. Be sure to include your contact details.

selling price

7. Weekend Car Fairs

They are located in Christchurch and Auckland. These cities also have backpacker car markets specially designed for travelers to sell their cars.

The Ellerslie Car Fair is held every Sunday morning in Auckland and is popular with locals.

Aim to get there early, as the keen buyers will likely be first through the gates!


8. Stuck Selling a Campervan and Leaving The Country Soon?

Explore online platforms like Cash4Cars and Auto Wreckers to facilitate quick disposal of your car.

While these services are convenient for a swift transaction, the financial return may be lower.

Consider an alternative approach with Travel Cars, where we allow you to either sell a campervan outright or leave it in our care until it finds a new owner.

The disparity in the amount we offer compared to other services can be substantial.

However, convenience comes at a cost, and the financial gain may not match what you could receive from selling directly to another traveler.

Balancing convenience and monetary return is critical¬†to making the right decision ‚ÄĒ Travel Cars offers a unique solution that may be particularly advantageous depending on your priorities and timeline for selling your car.

ūüď© Contact us for a quick estimation; note that we only purchase cars in Auckland: Contact Us


9. Complete The Correct Paperwork After Selling a Campervan

The MR13A form, or the notice by a person selling or disposing of a motor vehicle, must be filled in when you sell your car. Wait to leave the country until this has been completed.

Legally, when you sell your vehicle, you must independently notify the New Zealand Transport Agency of New Zealand.

If you do not do this, you are liable to receive a fine of up to $1,000, but you could also be responsible for any penalties and fees on the vehicle you sold to someone else.

You can submit the MR13A form at any post office in New Zealand. Until the car is legally in the new owner’s name, you will be liable for any fines associated with the car.

The NZTA recommends that you do not hand over the vehicle to the new owner until you have witnessed (from the buyer) either:

  • the acquisition receipt or
  • email confirmation of completed paperwork online or
  • the receipt section of the¬†MR13B¬†form that the car buyer is to achieve.

ownership form

10. Want to Avoid Carrying Cash From The Sale of Your Campervan?

If you’ve closed your bank account in New Zealand or have yet to have one, managing¬†the financial aspect of selling a campervan requires thoughtful consideration.

Explore the convenience of the Wise App, which allows seamless sending and receiving of payments in your preferred currency instantly and with a minimal fee. 

If you still need to sign up for a Wise account, you can easily do so by following the link below.

Registering through this link provides you with a user-friendly platform for your transactions and the benefit of making your first transfer for FREE.

ūüí≥¬†Register through the following link and get your first transfer for FREE:¬†Register ‚Äď Wise

‚≠ź Bonus: Once registered, the App allows you to invite friends and make money while traveling.

wise app

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